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What is the difference between emery wear resistant floor and epoxy floor after floor grinding?


Epoxy floors and emery wear-resistant floors are currently widely used on the market. Epoxy floors are mostly used in places without frequent vehicle walking, heavy object impact, and hard object friction. Such as workshops, computer rooms, warehouses, laboratories, wards, operating rooms, workshops, etc. Emery wear-resistant floors are mostly used in places that can withstand frequent vehicle walking, heavy impact, and friction from hard objects. Such as: various industrial, civil, commercial and other parking lots. Let's take a look at the difference between them!

epoxy floorEpoxy floor is composed of high-performance epoxy resin and curing agent. It is an overall seamless and beautiful industrial floor.


1. The whole is seamless, easy to clean and maintain;

2. Various colors, bright and clean, beautiful;

3. Waterproof, mildewproof, antibacterial and impermeable;

4. It can effectively resist the erosion of chemicals and has strong adhesion.


1. Poor wear resistance and scratch resistance;

2. It is easy to be polluted and needs frequent maintenance;

3. Unable to resist underground moisture;

4. The service life is short, and it needs to be refurbished frequently, which affects the normal use.

Emery wear-resistant floor is a common name for wear-resistant hardened floor in China. The wear-resistant floor material is mainly composed of special cement, aggregate, pigment powder, additives and other proportions.


1. It has good wear resistance, impact resistance and compression resistance;

2. It is a substitute for traditional floor terrazzo;

3. The surface is dense, not easy to dust, and easy to clean;

4. Practical and durable, no need for frequent maintenance and maintenance;

5. Long service life.


The color is not as bright and saturated as the epoxy floor, and there are only 4 colors of red, yellow, green and gray.

Whether it is epoxy floor or emery floor, it has its own advantages and disadvantages, and there is no cost difference. Depending on the specific application site, the choice is different.