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Customer Reviews

In the floor grinding industry, RONLON has won praise from customers in more than 60 countries with reliable quality and excellent service; these countries include: the United States, Austria, Canada, Russia, Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Romania, etc., the following shows some customer evaluations for your reference!

Marta Healy- Post a review on 2023-12-16

The effect of this double head grinder is really good, large grinding area, fast speed, high grinding efficiency.


This review corresponds to the product:R540 concrete floor polisher machine

Anna Johnson- Post a review on 2023-10-29

used in our projects,Workers use it to increase productivity.The product packaging is very careful, the accessories are also very complete, and it looks very strong. I think this batch is worth the money and will recommend it to friends!



This review corresponds to the product:R780-3A floor polishing machine

John Painter- Post a review on 2023-07-20

I'm renovating my house, and I ordered a grinder with the mentality of trying it out. I've been using it for more than 2 months without a single failure. I like it very much!


This review corresponds to the product:R460A concrete grinder for sale

Angel Morante- Post a review on 2023-05-21

My floor is old and I am not satisfied with the color. I tried grinding and polishing it with this square-headed floor grinder. The grinding effect is excellent and I am very satisfied.











This review corresponds to the product:R590 square heand concrete grinder

Ronald antazanar- Post a review on 2023-04-13

Wow, I only need a floor grinder to easily handle such a large site. This is not the first time I have used a RONLON machine, and it surprises me every time.

This review corresponds to the product:R780 floor grinding machine for sale

Marc Geoffrion- Post a review on 2023-02-18

In order to renovate my house, I consulted RONLON Machinery on the recommendation of a friend. They recommended this grinder and industrial vacuum cleaner to me based on my needs. I have received the machine and can’t wait to start construction. Look at my work efficiency, it’s great!

This review corresponds to the product:R460 planetary grinder for sale

Walter Strutynski- Post a review on 2022-11-05

This is my second time purchasing a ronlon machine. Its quality and service are guaranteed.

This review corresponds to the product:R780 concrete floor grinder for sale

Tony Figueroa- Post a review on 2022-08-29

Can you imagine such a large area and I only used one worker and a floor grinder? It really saves me time and labor costs.

This review corresponds to the product:R590 floor grinding machine for sale

khaled fares- Post a review on 2022-06-03

I have received the floor grinder and started construction. I bought a large one and a small one for grinding corners. The effect I have used is very good, it is simple to operate, convenient and fast, and the grinding effect is great.

This review corresponds to the product:R780 and R460 planetary concrete floor grinder