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Ronlon Machinery Co., Ltd. Shaanxi is a professional supplier for floor preparation system machines.Has a mature production process,Strong new product research and development capabilities,Perfect sales and service system,The main products include: concrete grinding machine

Here are the Main Products


Construction video of customer service feedback

This is a large remote control grinder from a Danish customer

construction feedback video

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Most Popular Product

R590A Concrete surface grinder
4024 USD

Square Concrete Surface Grinder Polisher Epoxy Floor Title Grinding Machine Grinder installed with water tank water inlet and water switch makes the machine realize both dry and wet working possiblity.

RC900-3 Ride on concrete grinder
14520 USD

RC900-3 Easy operation on grinding speed ,walking speed and rotating direction by controller,20 degree climbing ability

R540 concrete floor polisher machine
1925 USD

The R540 concrete floor polisher can be adjusted to different heights, and it is folded to facilitate transportation and storage.

R860-3A Concrete floor grinding machine
6397 USD

High-efficiency concrete floor grinder polishing machine for wet and dry use in large-scale industries

client case studies

RONLON floor grinder will be shipped to Slovenia--January 23, 2024
Recently, we successfully supplied a promotional floor grinder to a customer from Slovenia. This customer, a professional floor treatment company, was looking for high-quality and affordable floor grinding equipment to meet their growing business needs. After learning about our product promotion information, the customer proactively contacted us and expressed a strong intention to purchase. In the process of communicating with customers, we lea......
RONLON floor grinder will be shipped to Belgium--January 3, 2024
RONLON concrete grinder will be shipped to Belgium Belgian customers are our long-term partners. Customers buy a large number of floor grinders every year and have great trust in the quality and quality of RONLON. Therefore, many old customers purchase RONLON floor grinders of various sizes again. RONLON needs to deeply understand the specific requirements of customers and design the models that best suit them. Confirm with customers to see thei......
RONLON floor grinding machines in Spain--December 16, 2023
Juan Perez is a successful flooring contractor based in Madrid, Spain. He has been in the business for over a decade and has built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality flooring solutions to his clients. Recently, Juan decided to purchase a new floor grinding machine to expand his business offerings. After researching various options, he chose to purchase a RONLON floor grinding machine. Juan was impressed with the numerous advantages t......
The RC1300 ride-on large-scale industrial floor grinding machine in the United States--December 5, 2023
The RC1300 ride-on large-scale industrial floor grinding machine is popular with American and Asian customers. This American Asian customer first learned about our products and company through the official website. Since the customer needed to purchase a ride-on large-scale industrial grinding machine, he learned about the market situation from us and obtained relevant product information and technical support. Customers have put forward strict ......



Ronlon Concrete Grinder Family
We are excited to announce the launch of our new line of floor grinding machines. With a sleek and modern design, these machines are sure to catch the eye of any customer in need of high-quality grinding equipment. Our concrete grinder machines are not only stylish, but they are also extremely efficient. Using the latest technology in grinding and polishing, they are able to produce a preci......

Customer Reviews

★★Marta Healy-Post a review on 2023-12-16

The effect of this double head grinder is really good, large grinding area, fast speed, high grinding efficiency.

★★Anna Johnson- Post a review on 2023-11-27

used in our projects,Workers use it to increase productivity.The product packaging is very careful, the accessories are also very complete, and it looks very strong. I think this batch is worth the money and will recommend it to friends!

★★John Painter- Post a review on 2023-10-9

I'm renovating my house, and I ordered a grinder with the mentality of trying it out. I've been using it for more than 2 months without a single failure. I like it very much!