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When You Are Looking For A Concrete Floor Grinder Refinishing Floors And Want To Polish Your Concrete Floor?
RONLON has what you need. Shaanxi Ronlon Machinery Co., Ltd.  is a professional supplier of floor system machinery,
We have 20 years of experience in this field. Has its own factory and professional R&D, sales team and after-sales service team!


Construction video of customer service feedback

This is a large remote control grinder from a Danish customer

construction feedback video

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Most Popular Product

RC1300 remote control concrete floor grinder
13530 USD

The RC1300 intelligent remote control floor grinder consists of 3 R460 grinding heads. One person can operate two machines at the same time. Suitable for large industrial floors.

R860-3A Concrete floor grinding machine
6397 USD

High-efficiency concrete floor grinder polishing machine for wet and dry use in large-scale industries

R860-4 Dry Wet Planetary Concrete Floor Grinder
7258 USD
1. Make you work more 30%-40% efficient ,The labor cost be saved a lot.
2.Improve the compactness and surface smoothness of concrete which makes you more professional and competive
3.Operate more easily and relax. Say bye-bye to tired
4.Best service and perfect technology.
R780-4 Large planetary concrete floor grinder
6998 USD

R780-4 Large planetary concrete floor grinder is a very powerful machine with 4 heads grinder you can get up 30% more effective grinding and polishing and obviously a more level floor. International Voltage avaliable. Or 380 Volt/208 Volt three phase. 220V single can be ordered

R780-3A floor polishing machine
5576 USD

R780-3A is the planetary grinder with 3 grinding heads running in different directions. This planetary grinder is suitable for larger jobs

R700 concrete grinding and polishing
5658 USD

RONLON R700 concrete grinding and polishing is mainly used for epoxy floor removal, cement floor, terrazzo floor, granite, etc. leveling, grinding, polishing, etc

RC900-3 Ride on concrete grinder
14520 USD

RC900-3 Easy operation on grinding speed ,walking speed and rotating direction by controller,20 degree climbing ability

R600A planetary concrete grinder
4398 USD

R600A is the middle size planetary grinder with huge capacity can be used for coarse grinding, preparation.

client case studies

RONLON floor grinding machines in Norway
Recently, we received an inquiry from a Norwegian customer about a floor grinder. This Norwegian customer is a professional floor construction company. They have rich experience in floor treatment and have extremely high-quality requirements. They needed several high-performance floor grinders to complete a large commercial project. After many comparisons, they said that our machine has stable performance, easy operation, and can meet their stric......
What do foreign markets usually consider when choosing a suitable floor grinder?
Foreign customers prefer floor grinders. This is mainly because floor grinders can effectively remove stains, paint and old floor coatings on the ground, restoring the ground to its original beauty and finish. It is efficient, reliable and versatile. Foreign customers prefer floor grinders that are reliable, technologically advanced and easy to operate. At the same time, they also pay attention to the environmental performance of the equipment an......
Double headed concrete floor grinder To Dominican
A customer from the Dominican Republic needs a machine that can handle smaller areas with more corners. We recommend a dual head floor grinder to meet their needs. Ronlon's machines are efficient and stable in performance, capable of completing floor treatment work in a short period of time; It is also possible to work continuously for long periods of time;. After further communication and discussion, we have provided customers with detailed and ......
The self-propelled concrete grinder is about to be shipped to customers in Poland
The self-propelled grinding machine is equipped with a power-assisted walking motor system, which can reduce the operational pressure on operators, helping them to focus more on grinding construction, significantly improving production efficiency and grinding accuracy. The self-propelled grinding machine has autonomous movement capabilities, allowing it to freely adjust according to production needs and flexibly adapt to different surfaces, max......



RONLON R860 Planetary Disk Grinder _ How to grind the ground clean
RONLON is a manufacturer specializing in the production of floor grinding machines. After more than ten years of development, it has a rich product range that can be used for various problem grounds: terrazzo ground, concrete ground, emery ground, art ground stone ground and stone ground. Among them, the RONLON R860 planetary disc grinder can be applied to any ground, with high efficiency and easy......

Customer Reviews

★★Marta Healy-Post a review on 2024-06-16

The effect of this double head grinder is really good, large grinding area, fast speed, high grinding efficiency.

★★Anna Johnson- Post a review on 2024-05-27

used in our projects,Workers use it to increase productivity.The product packaging is very careful, the accessories are also very complete, and it looks very strong. I think this batch is worth the money and will recommend it to friends!

★★John Painter- Post a review on 2024-04-09

I'm renovating my house, and I ordered a grinder with the mentality of trying it out. I've been using it for more than 2 months without a single failure. I like it very much!