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R680-3A concrete grinder
R680-3A concrete grinder

R680-3A concrete grinder

5323 USD
SKU: R680-3A concrete grinder

.LED light for working at night

.Upgrade Australian standard plug; Waterproof grade IP66; 

.USB interface for charging mobile

.Made with all helical steel gears not belt

Product Description

Features of R680-3A concrete grinder

1.The R680-3A concrete grinder is the mid size machine,with huge capacity. variable speed machine providing you with more versatility and control on the job.

2.Make you work more 30%-40% efficient ,The labor cost be saved a lot.

3.Planetary heads made with all steel gears.

4.Instant Change System magnetic metal plates with removable Velcro attachments

concrete grinder

Parameters of R680-3A concrete grinder

Voltage:380-440V 3 Phase                 

Motor Power: 10hp(7.5kw)                  

Inverter Power: 15hp(11kw)                 

HZ: 50/60HZ   

Water Tank:30L                                       

Rotating Speed:300-1800RPM         

Tools Holder Diameter: 220mm*3       


Extra Weight:1*30kg 


Used for grinding concrete and slurry

Prepare epoxy and latex

Smooth out the duster marks

Resurface old concrete and slabs

Remove floating slurry from concrete surface

Strip floor paint and paint

Remove film and hardener

Refurbish and maintain the plant floor

Trim and level terrazzo

Remove the adhesive and sealant

Smooth and remove latex

Polished concrete and terrazzo

concrete grinder



Narses Ternier - 2021-12-16T17:12:04+0800
I'm happy. That's what I need. The efficiency of the R680 industrial floor grinder really surprised me. This machine makes my job a lot easier.