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RC1300 remote control concrete floor grinder
RC1300 remote control concrete floor grinder

RC1300 remote control concrete floor grinder

13530 USD
SKU: RC1300 remote control floor grinder

The RC1300 intelligent remote control floor grinder consists of 3 R460 grinding heads. One person can operate two machines at the same time. Suitable for large industrial floors.

Product Description

Descriptions of RC1300 remote control floor grinder

RC1300 remote control floor grinder is the ultimate choice when it comes to high performance and efficiency. The grinder’s grinding head consists of three modified 460 heads, This concrete grinder is incredibly effective and grinds large areas in a short time.

Overall appearance of the product:

remote control floor grinder















1.Gear box and motor allaluminum alloy, three secondary planetary gearbox planetary disc.

2.terrazzo floor grinder for largescale construction jobs. Equipped with 16.5HP power motor and 25HP frequency control devices

3.to meet terrazzo floor grinder stone construction requirements of a large area, can meet different needs construction process can be used for polishing and surface treatment.

4.Machine equipped with vacuum devices to meet cleanconstruction need.

5.Each disc can choose different specifications of the metal blade and grinding abrasive, full of grinding mill to the corner to solve construction problems within the corners greatly improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of  and suction.

Product parameters

Voltage: 380-440V  3Phase                 

Motor Power: 5.5hp*3(4kw*3)                                         

Inverter Power: 20hp(15kw)         


HZ : 50/60HZ

AMP: 30A                                           

Rotating Speed: 300-1800RPM                       

Weight: 550kg                                     

Extra Weight: 3*25kg                           

Work Width: 1300mm



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