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RC900-3 Ride on concrete grinder
RC900-3 Ride on concrete grinder

RC900-3 Ride on concrete grinder

14520 USD
SKU: RC900-3 Ride on concrete grinder

RC900-3 Easy operation on grinding speed ,walking speed and rotating direction by controller,20 degree climbing ability

Product Description

WIth 3 heads Ride on concrete grinder you can get up 30% more effective grinding and polishing and obviously a more level floor. It’s a very powerful machine with a lot of torque to the floor for the heavy grinds and for removing epoxy coating and glue,a highly productive machine but easy to handle and operate. This is the ideal machine for large jobs. 

Features of RC900-3 Ride on concrete grinder:

.20 degree climbing ability, easy to move it onto a truck

.Multi function operation: ride in, remote control, hand push

.With Lithium battery, it is easy to move when cut off the power 

.The battery doesn’t work when grinding by power, greatly prolonging the battery life

.Imported drive motor for controlling the working speed

.100meter remote control distance

.Easy operation on grinding speed ,walking speed  and rotating direction by controller

.Magnetic and Redi-lock plate

.LED light for working at the night

Parameters of RC900-3 Ride on concrete grinder

Voltage:380-440V 3 Phase                    

Motor Power: 15hp(11kw)                   

Inverter Power: 20hp(15kw)                     

HZ: 50/60HZ

AMP: 25A                                          

Rotating Speed:300-1800RPM      


Tools Holder Diameter: 340mm*3


Extra Weight:2*25kg                            

Work Width:900mm



Kushmi Fernando - 2021-12-17T09:12:19+0800
This is the intelligent remote control floor grinder I have bought. It is easy for workers to operate .It saves me labor costs.